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We at Eagle Pest Control believe that there is not a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to pest control for your house.  As soon as you contact one of our friendly staff, we begin to tailor your pest control solution for your particular need.  Although we use the same tools to carry out your treatment, our experience of over 40 years will determine the best way to protect your house from pest infestation.  All Eagle Pest Control treatments are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards, Health Department regulations and pesticide label for the chemical used and our technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of residential pest control.  By close consultation with you, we are able to devise the most appropriate treatment.


Termites are said to attack one in four dwellings in Australia annually.  When carrying out a treatment for termites, prevention is the best solution.  The Australian Standard 3660 relates to termite control and recommends inspections of a property be carried out at least annually in order to assess barriers in place and detect any concealed termite entry.  Our technicians will determine the risk level of your area and advise on required treatments or frequency of inspections in accordance with the Standard.

When it comes to treatments, we are able to offer inspections, monitoring and baiting stations, chemical barriers and reticulation systems.

Termite Inspections

These are available for an annual on going service for your current home or in the case of purchase of a property (Pre-Purchase Inspection).  All of our Termite Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 and come with a comprehensive written report identifying our findings and recommendations to keep your property termite free.

Monitoring and Baiting

This option may be required if chemical treatments are not desired on the property or if the construction of the property may allow for concealed termite entry.  Eagle Pest Control are accredited installers of the Exterra system.  This system is the most advanced when it comes to monitoring and baiting.  It uses the the termite attractant “Focus” to work with soil micro-organisms and release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the soil.  Termites are then attracted to the soil with raised CO2 levels and begin to feed in the monitoring station containing highly palatable eucalypt timber interceptors.  Regular inspections are carried out of the stations and once termites are detected, Requiem Bait is added.  This bait is less toxic than salt and therefore not harmful for people or pets.  Termites feed on the bait and pass on the bait through communication and feeding habits.  Through the inspection process, our experienced technician can observe the diminishing colony until it is eliminated.  The station is then cleaned, bait removed and interceptors replaced.

Chemical Barriers

Being one of the longest operating pest control companies in Western Australia, we have seen different types and formulations of chemicals over the years.  Today, we have access to some of the best chemicals that not only kill and repel, but effect the biology of termites.  The three chemicals that we have found to be the best on the market are Fipronil (Termidor), Imidacloprid (Premise) and Bifenthrin.  These chemicals are placed at the entry points of termites in order to create a barrier and prevent termites attack.

Reticulation Systems

By using a reticulation system around the external perimeter of a house, we are able to ensure a more thorough and accurate application of termiticides.  The system is generally placed at footing level and contains injection points at intervals around the perimeter of the house.  The reticulation pipe is perforated along the length at strategic intervals so there is a complete barrier.  It can be installed partially in garden beds or a complete installation where paving is removed and paths cut to have a continuous barrier.  Re-injection can be carried out at intervals in accordance with the chemical used but normally occur every 5 years.

Other Pests

For all of your other pests including ants, rats & mice, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, fleas, millipedes, and more, we are able to offer a once off treatment with a limited warranty or we can tailor year round protection covering all pests at a low monthly fee.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest technology and most up to date control methods available to carry out your pest protection.

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