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Eagle Pest Control offer all forms of termite control for new construction.  Our clients include the multi storey construction builder, the project home builder, boutique home builder, architect design builder and owner builder.  We work closely with our builders and liaise with councils and clients to keep everyone informed with their termite control.  Although pest control is a small part of construction, your options should be explored thoroughly and treatment should be carried out right the first time to prevent costly damage in the future.  The best methods can only be done during the construction process so once termites attack, treatment options are limited.

Chemical Treatments

A pre-slab spray or handspray is the cheapest form of termite control during construction.  This involves the application of a chemical spray to the prepared sand pad following plumbers pipe run in and prior to the placement of the waterproof membrane and mesh ready for concrete.  Our pre-slab treatments can be done using the chemicals Bifenthrin (Biflex) or Fipronil (Termidor).  The life expectancy of these chemicals underslab are expected to be between eight and ten years.

A chemical treatment underslab (Part A) is generally combined with a perimeter spray (Part B) of the structure prior to the placement of garage slabs, porches, paths, paving and landscaping.

Reticulation Systems

The main benefit of using a reticulation system in your structure is that you are able to replenish termite barriers for the life of the building without the need to drill, damage or disturb the building and its surrounds.  The two types of reticulation systems that we offer consist of underslab and perimeter systems or in cavity reticulation systems.

Underslab and Perimeter Reticulation

This process occurs in two stages.  Reticulation pipes are either laid to the internal perimeter and penetrations of the structure or in a grid pattern across the entire sand pad area at the same stage a pre-slab spray would occur.  The major advantage of this type of system is that it allows for the replenishment of termite barriers underslab for the life of the building as opposed to eight to ten years that a chemical treatment would offer.  The second stage involves the placement of a reticulation pipe around the exterior perimeter of the house at footing height at the same stage as the chemical treatment Part B.  This system is also able to be replenished without the need to dig gardens or drill garage slabs, paths, paving or liquid limestone and polished concrete to reinstate conventional treatments.

Cavity Reticulation – Cavtect

For the most simple, cost effective and safest system, install CAVTECT.  This system aims to target the main access areas where termites attack.  A reticulation pipe is fitted with strip spray jets and suspended by specially designed clips that lock the system in place at slab height within the wall cavity.  It directs spray into the base of the building cavity to provide a barrier from termite entry.  No spraying or reticulation is required underslab or to the perimeter of the structure.  This specific system places reduced amounts of chemical into the areas where termites are most prone to attack.  By being confined within the wall cavity, the system does not expose occupants and pets to chemicals around the outside of the building – unlike conventional chemical treatments and external reticulation systems.  The system uses a neat injection box bricked into the wall to replenish its treatment over the life of the building.  It saves homeowners money in the future by not having to drill and inject the perimeter of the house.  It is a long term system that is safe for the whole family and designed “With the environment in mind”.

Physical Barriers

We are able to offer all types of physical barriers including Homeguard impregnated membranes, Homeguard GT granules, Kordon Termite Barriers, penetration collars, Granitguard, Termseal termite and waterproofing products

Slab curing and slab edge waterproofing are other areas that we are able to offer our services in the area of construction.

Just contact us to receive your competitive pricing on your next project or for more information on the above termite proofing methods.

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